Initiating positive social change through creative projects that inspire, educate & awaken individuals, creating conscious awareness in communities, changing the hearts and minds within the systems of the world.


"I am a strong advocate for mental health, sustainability and ethical living - shining a light on the paths forward becoming aligned with personal acceptance, authenticity, sovereignty & self responsibility.

This brings about a balance, equanimity and stability that creates a strong foundation for positive self expression - leading to authentic creativity, living a life of true purpose & contentment - establishing a joy that springs up from the deepest parts of the self - flowing into life and the community around.

Being a 'leader of light' is shining a light on this path helping others find their own self empowerment.

I am interested in weaving a rich tapestry with science and mystery. Having studied quantum mechanics at university, my passions have led me to work with neuroscientists, delving especially into how mood and music affect each other. 

My exploration of mystery has taken me on a journey to study and embody mindfulness, many of the worlds spiritual traditions and the origins of civilisation."


"The world is undergoing a transformation, there is a tsunami of mental health crisis driven by our disharmonious ways of living - we are mostly disconnected from nature, our bodies, family and community. Societal values can be survivalist, protecting what we own as opposed to benefiting community, humanity, nature and the environment.

I am grateful to be alive at this point in the evolution of humanity. My passion is simply to embody the change that we need to move forward to a better future full of abundance, happiness, joy, kindness, elegance and laughter."

JOYTRIBE Community of Joy Bringers

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We have had some wonderful events including our conscious clubbing nights in SE London, Laughter yoga workshops and our wellness festival. We have also shared meditations on the main stage and Alchemy of Sound tents at Mind Body Spirit festival in London and the Birmingham NEC.

The world need more joy bringers now!