Here is the good news, you have a powerful ability to heal yourself—you are amazing.  Every second, the body is replacing and rebuilding 10,000 cells. The power to make a difference to your wellbeing is NOW. 


We are going to take a look at the blocks to healing, how to clear them, and a step-by-step exercise to direct healing within yourself.


Scientific evidence shows that positive thoughts and intentions affect the body at a cellular level. The brain is plugged into every cell of your body.  If you send out the right positive messages to your body, you will be affecting a beneficial change.  Similarly, negative thoughts based in fear (anger, resentment, lack of external care, misunderstood by people) can affect your body in a negative way.


Emotions trigger the hypothalamus to send neuropeptides (they come in different flavours depending on your mood) throughout the body. They then attach to cells and transmit instructions to act tired, hungry, fatigued, happy etc…



OK let’s start taking control of illness and injury…


This is a complementary way of thinking that works along-side professional health care, enabling you to take control of your body and your life.


First, look at how the illness/injury makes you feel. Does it make you feel angry, resentful or hurt?  Are you looking for sympathy?  If 'yes' then you may be relying upon your illness to give you a voice—to make people listen, to be heard.  Being misunderstood or not heard is a terrible place to be.  All too often we draw in illness and injury to get some well-needed attention.  This leads to a problem—constantly talking about, and magnifying, the pain will put your body in a negative feedback cycle, making it worse.  There is another way to create balance in your life.  To get beneficial attention, do something kind for someone, make people laugh, have fun, be silly, and you will already be working wonders!


Does the illness bring back memories of people who have done something bad to you?  Or situations you have been in that have made you feel guilty, exposed or ill-treated?  Is the past keeping you from moving forward and recovering?  If so, see if you can let those past wrongs go. Forgive people by considering: 


  • Why they did that?  
  • Were they not aware?  
  • Are they just repeating behaviour that they have picked up from their families, friends and environment?  
  • Are they full of hurt themselves, only able to express themselves by passing the hurt onto someone else to keep the balance in their own lives?  


And most of all, forgive yourself.  If you have been carrying guilt, stress, blame and/or anxiety around with you, let it all go and take control.  Start living life with joy.


Here is a technique to help your body recover and manage your illness/injury.



Healing Meditation


  • Turn off your mobile phone


  • Find a comfy seat, have your feet parallel on the floor, use cushions to prop yourself up if you like so your back is straight. Place your hands on your knees, make sure no one is going to disturb you


  • Close your eyes and take 3 deep, slow breaths, and then let your breathing relax into a natural rhythm


  • We are now going to use a visualisation to get into a relaxed state


  • Know that you are protected and safe, this is all for your highest good


  • Imagine that white light is coming into your feet and, as it does, feel the muscles, tendons and ligaments relax. The light is warm and sparkling.


  • Now bring that light up into your lower legs, knees, upper legs, pelvis, lower back, torso, digestion system, heart, lungs, chest, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, lower arms, wrists, hands, fingers, to the tips of your fingers


  • Now bring sparkling light into your neck, skull and forehead. Feel all the stress melt away. Now to your eyes, nose, lips, tongue, chin, ears.  Finally bring that beautiful sparkling light to your brain. Imagine it tingling with beautiful white light


  • Now take your attention to your heart.  Imagine something or someone you love dearly.  Feel that love radiating from your heart  


  • Keep that feeling of love radiating out.  Now focus on an area of your body that needs healing.  Send that radiating love into that area.  Imagine it as a beam of beautiful light going from your heart right into the centre of that area.  Do this for a little while


  • Imagine that part of your body in absolute health.  Think of what that body part does for you, what it gives you when heathy.  Send deep thanks to that area for everything it has done, and does, for you.  Tell your body to direct all the spare healing that it can give for the highest good of the body part.  Ask it to repair, rebuild, make healthy.  Know that you have now instructed every cell of your body to work together to promote healing and wellbeing in that area and throughout your entire body


  • Stay with this for a little while


  • Repeat this for any other areas that need attention


  • When you have finished, come back to being aware in your body.  Know that when you do you will feel refreshed, energised and joyful.  Listen to the sounds around you.  Feel your feet on the ground.  Wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes, maybe have a stretch  


  • Slowly blink your eyes open


The practise ends here.


Take a couple of minutes to adjust, take it slow and easy.  Perhaps put the kettle on for a cup of tea and a biscuit to ground yourself.


Congratulations, you have just taken the first step to taking control of your body, creating balance and wellbeing in your life.  This healing intention will now stay with you as you go about your life, working intelligently in the background.  Practise this when ever you feel you need a boost of self healing.